11. Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of Canadian citizens?

  • A Learning to speak both official languages
  • B Voting in elections
  • C Obeying the law
  • D Taking responsibility for oneself and one’s family

12. What does the Canadian Crown symbolize?

  • A The Crown symbolizes England, France, Scotland, and Ireland.
  • B The Crown symbolizes the motto A Mari Usque Ad Mare.
  • C The Crown symbolizes the RCMP, the national police force of Canada.
  • D The Crown symbolizes that Canada is a constitutional monarchy.

13. What do Canadians remember on Remembrance Day?

  • A The Canadian victory in World War I
  • B Sacrifices made by Canadian veterans and brave soldiers in wars
  • C The Canadian victory in World War II
  • D The Canadian victory in the Battle of Vimy Ridge

14. What is the voting procedure in Canada?

  • A Voting is completed by Secret Ballots
  • B Voting is completed by Open Ballots
  • C Voting is completed On-line
  • D Voting is completed by all of the methods

15. Why was the Canadian Pacific Railway built?

  • A It was built so that immigrants could settle in Central Canada.
  • B It was built so British Columbia could handle the trade of goods worth billions of dollars all around the world
  • C It was built to provide a spectacular tourist excursion across precipitous passes and bridges
  • D It was built because Ottawa promised to build it when British Columbia agreed to join Canada.

16. What is a part of our heritage under the Canadian legal system?

  • A All of these
  • B Rule of law
  • C Freedom under law
  • D Democratic principles and due process

17. What is the role of the opposition parties?

  • A To run the government as long as they have the support or confidence of the majority of the MPs
  • B To peacefully oppose or try to improve government proposals
  • C To run the federal government departments
  • D To make important decisions about how the country is governed

18. Which eastern province in Canada has its own time zone?

  • A Nova Scotia
  • B Newfoundland & Labrador
  • C Prince Edward Island
  • D Alberta

19. What does Confederation mean?

  • A It is the joining of communities to become a province
  • B It is the time when United States Confederate soldiers came to invade Canada
  • C It is the joining of provinces to make a new country
  • D It is the joining of suburbs to form a large city

20. Which Canadian province has the largest population?

  • A Nova Scotia
  • B Alberta
  • C Ontario
  • D Quebec

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