1.Which of the following are two responsibilities of the federal government?

  • A Health Care and education
  • B National defence and firefighting
  • C National defence and foreign policy
  • D Citizenship and maintaining highways

2.Who contributed to the invention of the radio and also sent one of the world’s first wireless voice messages?

  • A Alexander Graham Bell
  • B Mathew Evans
  • C Reginald Fessenden
  • D Mike Lazaridis

3.Which of the following is the responsibility of the federal government?

  • A Education
  • B Highways
  • C Currency
  • D Health

4.How many citizens of Canada served in the Second World War?

  • A 5 million
  • B 1 million
  • C 11 million
  • D 2 million

5.What should registered voters do if they do not receive a voter information card?

  • A Call the taxation office
  • B Call the local elections office
  • C Not vote
  • D Call the police

6.How many Canadians served in the First World War?

  • A More than 600,000
  • B More than 80,000
  • C About 1,000
  • D About 240,000

7.Which of the following is a responsibility of the provinces?

  • A Interprovincial Trade and Communications
  • B Municipal government
  • C Navigation
  • D Currency

8.What are the men who established Canada called?

  • A Fathers of the Constitution
  • B Fathers of Canada
  • C Fathers of Confederation
  • D Fathers of the Dominion of Canada

9.How long does the appointment of Lieutenant Governor last?

  • A 5 years
  • B 4 years
  • C 6 years
  • D 3 years

10.Who invented the snowmobile?

  • A Louis Riel
  • B Alexander Graham Bell
  • C Emily Carr
  • D Joseph-Armand Bombardier

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