11.What do Canadians normally wear on Remembrance Day?

  • A A white shirt
  • B A red poppy
  • C A black tie
  • D A green shirt

12.Which is Canada’s largest city and main financial centre?

  • A Toronto
  • B Montreal
  • C Calgary
  • D Vancouver

13.What is a voter information card?

  • A A form that indicates the candidates in an electoral district
  • B A form that tells registered voters the province in which they may vote
  • C A form that tells registered voters when and where to vote
  • D A form that indicates the nearest location in which to vote

14.Where do most Inuit people live?

  • A In Ontario
  • B In scattered communities across the Arctic
  • C On reserve lands in Quebec
  • D In the Prairie Provinces

15.Which of the following is the highest court of Canada?

  • A The Small Claims Courts
  • B The Federal Court
  • C A Provincial Court
  • D The Supreme Court

16.Who was the first French-Canadian Prime Minister?

  • A Sir Leonard Tilley
  • B Sir John Alexander Macdonald
  • C Sir George-Étienne Cartier
  • D Sir Wilfrid Laurier

17.Which of the following describe two responsibilities of the provincial or territorial government?

  • A National defence and highways
  • B Policing and foreign policy
  • C Education and health care
  • D Policing and citizenship

18.Who was the first leader of a responsible government in Canada in 1849?

  • A Jim Basally
  • B Sir Sam Steele
  • C Sir Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine
  • D Sir John A. Macdonald

19.In which year did the British Parliament prohibit the buying and selling of slaves?

  • A 1793
  • B 1807
  • C 1833
  • D 1877

20.What is the fundamental characteristic of Canadian heritage and identity?

  • A English Culture
  • B French Culture
  • C Canadian festivals
  • D Multiculturalism

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