21.Use one of the following to complete this sentence: The House of Commons is a representative committee . . .

  • A appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister.
  • B made up of members selected by the Prime Minister.
  • C made up of Members of Parliament elected by the people.
  • D appointed on the advice of the Governor General.

22.Which region was stormed and captured on D-Day (June 6, 1944) by the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division?

  • A Juno Beach
  • B Paris
  • C Berlin
  • D London

23.Who invented the sport of basketball?

  • A Canadians
  • B Germans
  • C Americans
  • D The French

24.When does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • A The first Friday of October
  • B The second Monday of October
  • C The first Monday of July
  • D The first Monday of September

25.What is celebrated on the 15th of February?

  • A Family Day
  • B Vimy Day
  • C Labour Day
  • D National Flag of Canada Day

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