1.In 1960s, Quebec experienced an era of rapid change. What is it called?

AThe Suffrage Movement
BLa Francophonie
CThe East Movement
DThe Quiet Revolution

2.What is the symbol of the Canadian government?

AThe Crown
BThe National Flag
CThe Parliament
DThe Snowbirds

3.Whose portrait is featured on the Canadian $10 bill?

AAlexander Graham Bell
BSir Frederic Banting
CSir Arthur Currie
DSir John Alexander MacDonald

4.What is Canada’s rank in the world in terms of geographical size?

AIt is the fourth-largest country in the world.
BIt is the second-largest country in the world.
CIt is the third-largest country in the world.
DIt is the smallest country in the world.

5.What is celebrated on the 26th of December?

ABoxing Day
BVictoria Day
CRemembrance Day
DCanada Day

6.When was “employment insurance” introduced by the Canadian federal government?


7.What types of jobs are provided by service industries?

ACommunications, retail services
BAll of these
CTransportation and education
DTourism and government

8.Who represents an electoral district?

AThe Governor General
BA Member of Parliament
CThe Lieutenant Governor
DThe Commissioner

9.What is the fixed day for Canada’s federal elections?

AMay 10th, six years after the previous federal election.
BThe 1st Monday in September, four years after the Election Day of the previous federal election.
CThere is no fixed day for Canada’s federal elections.
DThe 3rd Monday in October, four years after the Election Day of the previous federal election.

10.Which of the following is the responsibility of the provinces?

DForeign Policy

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