11.When is ‘Sir Wilfrid Laurier Day’ celebrated?

ANovember 21st
BNovember 20th
CDecember 26th
DMay 9th

12.For which of the following is the federal government responsible?

ACivil Rights
BCriminal law and citizenship

13.What is the significance of the sport lacrosse in Canada?

AIt is Canada’s official winter sport.
BIt is fun game played on ice.
CIt is Canada’s official summer sport.
DIt is Canada’s most popular sport.

14.How often are federal elections held in Canada?

AEvery six years
BEvery five years
CEvery four years
DEvery seven years

15.Who was General Sir Arthur Currie?

AThe most famous explorer of western Canada
BThe person who started the “Marathon of Hope”
CThe greatest Canadian soldier in the First World War
DThe greatest military leader of the Métis

16.Which of the following is Canada’s only officially bilingual province?

BNew Brunswick

17.What is significant about the fact that Canada and America share “the world’s longest undefended border”?

AIt enables over three-quarters of Canadian exports to enter the USA every year without taxes or fees.
BIt enables Canadians to enter the USA without needing identification.
CIt enables millions of Canadians and Americans to cross the border every year in with relative ease and safety.
DIt enables Canada to export billions of dollars worth of energy products to the USA every year.

18.What does the blindfolded Lady Justice symbolize?

AThe judicial system is founded on the presumption of innocence in criminal matters.
BNone of these
CThe judicial system is blind to all considerations other than facts.
DThe judicial system must respect all the legal rights to which a blind person is entitled under the law.

19.Who was John Graves Simcoe?

AThe Founder of the city of Victoria
BThe Founder of the city of Kingston
CThe Founder of the city of Calgary
DThe Founder of the city of Toronto

20.People from which country played a significant role in the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway?

AGreat Britain

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