The appropriate answer to this is a definite no! If you are really serious about becoming a true Canadian citizen, you’ll have to undertake the Canadian citizenship practice test. This is simply because it offers so many potential benefits, including:

  • It makes you go through the Canadian citizenship test preparation course material: As earlier mentioned, this is a highly resourceful study guide that allows you to acquaint yourself with responsibilities and rights of Canadian citizens. What’s more, it also contains essential information regarding the geography, history, government, laws, symbols, and economy of Canada. So, reading it puts you a step closer to passing your citizenship exam.
  • It allows you to prepare for the real exam in the best way possible: These rehearsal questions are simply extracted from Discover Canada, where the real tests are also derived from. This simply implies that taking the practice exam drills you for the actual one.
  • It alleviates exam anxiety: If you always feel anxious before sitting for an exam, taking part in rehearsal tests is a great way to conquer your exam anxiety. This is because it will significantly boost your confidence both prior to and during the real exam.
  • It reinforces learning: Research has proven that repeatedly doing rehearsal exams is more effective compared to re-studying. Perhaps it is because such tests significantly boost both revision and studying.

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