121. Who are the Acadians?

  • Aboriginal people of the arctic.
  • French-speaking Catholics living in Ontario.
  • The descendants of French colonists who began settling in what are now the Maritime provinces in 1604. (correct answer)
  • English speaking refugees who settled in Louisiana.

122. Who are the founding peoples of Canada?

  • Métis, French and British.
  • Aboriginal, Métis and British.
  • Inuit, Aboriginal and British.
  • Aboriginal, French and British. (correct answer)

123. Who are the Métis?

  • The distinct aboriginal people of Atlantic Canada.
  • A people of mixed Inuit/First Nations ancestry most of whom live on the Prairies.
  • First Nations people speaking the Michif dialect.
  • A distinct people of mixed Aboriginal and European ancestry. (correct answer)

124. Who are the Quebecers?

  • European settlers in the 1600s.
  • Descendants of the French colonists.
  • Descendants of the Anglophones.
  • People of Quebec. (correct answer)

125. Who do Canadians vote for in a federal election?

  • The best speaker running in the election.
  • A candidate they want to represent them in Parliament. (correct answer)
  • Someone to become the Premier.
  • All of the candidates in their electoral district.

126. Who do Members of Parliament represent?

  • All of the Canadians living in the north.
  • Only Canadians living in Central Canada.
  • Everyone who lives in his or her electoral district. (correct answer)
  • Canadians living in the province in which he/she was elected.

127. Who had played an important part in building the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)?

  • American railroad engineers.
  • Acadian railroad workers.
  • Chinese railroad workers. (correct answer)
  • African American slaves.

128. Who has the right to run as a candidate in federal elections?

  • Anyone.
  • A Canadian citizen who is 16 years old.
  • Any man who is at least 18 years old.
  • Any Canadian citizen who is at least 18 years old. (correct answer)

129. Who has the right to vote in federal elections?

  • A Canadian citizen, 18 years or older, and on voters’ list. (correct answer)
  • A Canadian citizen, 18 years or older and must work for the federal government.
  • A landed immigrant, 18 years old and a memberof the Canadian Forces.
  • A Canadian citizen, over 25 years and a member of the Canadian Forces.

130. Who have major responsibilities on First Nations reserves?

  • Band chiefs and councillors. (correct answer)
  • Municipal governments.
  • Provincial and territorial governments.
  • Federal government.

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