71. What is the name of the Prime Minister of Canada and his/her party?

  • Justin Trudeau (Liberal Party). (correct answer)
  • Stephen Harper (Conservative Party).
  • Thomas Mulcair (New Democratic Party).
  • Christie Clark (Liberal Party).

72. What is the name of the Royal Anthem of Canada?

  • O Canada.
  • God Save the Queen (or King). (correct answer)
  • La Marseillaise
  • The Star-Spangled Banner.

73. What is the role of the courts in Canada?

  • To enforce the law.
  • To guide people in our society.
  • To settle disputes. (correct answer)
  • To express values and beliefs of Canadians.

74. What is the role of the Opposition parties?

  • To assist the Prime Minister.
  • To sign bills.
  • To oppose or try to improve government proposals. (correct answer)
  • To put forward bills to be passed.

75. What is the significance of the discovery of insulin by Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best?

  • Insulin is a hormone that permits you to eat anything you wish.
  • Insulin has saved 16 million lives worldwide. (correct answer)
  • Discovering insulin opened the doors to more discoveries.
  • Discovering insulin made Drs. Banting and Best famous.

76. What part of the Constitution legally protects the basic rights and freedoms of all Canadians?

  • The British Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • The Canadian Charter of Rights.
  • The Canadian Charter of Freedoms.
  • The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. (correct answer)

77. What percentage of Aboriginal people are First Nations?

  • 30%.
  • 6%.
  • 50%.
  • 65%. (correct answer)

78. What should you do if you do not receive a voter information card telling you when and where to vote?

  • Go to the police station.
  • Call your Member of Parliament.
  • Assume you cannot vote.
  • Call Elections Canada or visit their website. (correct answer)

79. What song is Canada’s national anthem?

  • God Save the Queen.
  • O Canada. (correct answer)
  • Star Spangled Banner.
  • Amazing Grace.

80. What three oceans border Canada?

  • Atlantic, Arctic and Bering.
  • Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific. (correct answer)
  • Pacific, Indian and Atlantic.
  • Hudson, Pacific and Atlantic.

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