81. What was the “Underground Railroad”?

  • An anti-slavery network that helped thousands of slaves escape the United States and settle in Canada (correct answer)
  • A railroad through the Rockies that was mainly through mountain tunnels
  • A network fur traders used to transport beaver pelts to the United States
  • The first underground subway tunnel in Toronto

82. What was the significance of June 6, 1944 invasion of Normandy?

  • It led to the establishment of the Juno Awards.
  • It liberated North Africa from Nazi occupation.
  • Canadians made a significant contribution to the defeat of Nazism and Fascism in Europe during the Second World War. (correct answer)
  • It resulted in the forcible relocation of Canadians of Japanese origin.

83. What was the Women’s Suffrage Movement?

  • The effort by women to achieve the right to vote. (correct answer)
  • The effort by women to participate in military service.
  • An unsuccessful movement to get husbands to do housework.
  • The effort by women to be in Parliament.

84. What will you promise when you take the Oath of Citizenship?

  • Pledge allegiance to the Queen, observe the laws of Canada and fulfil the duties of a Canadian. (correct answer)
  • Pledge to be faithful to the Queen.
  • Promise to observe the laws of Canada.
  • Fulfil duties as a Canadian citizen.

85. What year did Newfoundland and Labrador join Canada?

  • 1867
  • 1955
  • 1949 (correct answer)
  • 1880

86. What year was Confederation?

  • 1867. (correct answer)
  • 1871.
  • 1898.
  • 1864.

87. When asked, who must you tell how you voted in a federal election?

  • Your employer.
  • No one. (correct answer)
  • A police officer.
  • An Elections Canada official.

88. When did the British North America Act come into effect?

  • 1871.
  • 1898.
  • 1867. (correct answer)
  • 1905.

89. When did the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms become part of the Canadian Constitution?

  • 1867.
  • 1905.
  • 1982. (correct answer)
  • 1878.

90. When is Canada Day and what does it celebrate?

  • June 15 of each year to celebrate the anniversary of Confederation.
  • August 8th of each year to celebrate the joining of British Columbia to Confederation.
  • We celebrate the anniversary of Confederation July 1st of each year. (correct answer)
  • May 21st of each year to remember Queen Victoria.

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