91. When is Remembrance Day celebrated?

  • July 1st
  • October 1st.
  • November 11th. (correct answer)
  • December 25th

92. When must federal elections be held?

  • About every 4 years.
  • On the third Monday in October every four years following the most recent general election. (correct answer)
  • Whenever the Prime Minister calls the election.
  • When the MPs want a new Prime Minister.

93. When you vote on election day, what do you do?

  • Go to the voting station, tell them who you are and mark your X. Give the ballot back to the attendant.
  • Go to the voting station, remove 1 ballot and after marking your X deposit it in the ballot box.
  • Go to the voting station, take your voter’s card with proof if identity, highlight your choice on the ballot and deposit it in the box.
  • Go to the voting station with your voter’s card and ID, mark an X next to your chosen candidate, fold the ballot and present it to the poll officials who will tear off the ballot number and give you the ballot to deposit in the box (correct answer)

94. Where are the Great Lakes?

  • Between Ontario and the United States (correct answer)
  • Manitoba.
  • Northern Quebec.
  • Atlantic Canada.

95. Where are the Parliament Buildings located?

  • Ottawa. (correct answer)
  • Quebec City.
  • Hull.
  • Toronto.

96. Where do most French-speaking Canadians live?

  • Ontario.
  • Nova Scotia.
  • Quebec. (correct answer)
  • Prince Edward Island.

97. Where does Canada rank in the world’s largest countries?

  • First
  • Second (correct answer)
  • Third
  • Fourth

98. Which Act granted, for the first time in Canada, legislative assemblies elected by the people?

  • The Constitutional Act of 1867.
  • The Constitutional Act of 1791. (correct answer)
  • The Constitutional Act of 1982.
  • The Constitutional Act of 2010.

99. Which animal is an official symbol of Canada?

  • The moose.
  • The hawk.
  • The beaver. (correct answer)
  • The deer.

100. Which country borders Canada on the south?

  • United States of America. (correct answer)
  • Central America.
  • Mexico.
  • Washington.

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