161. What is the name of the Mayor of Richmond, British Columbia?

  • Mayor Richard Lee
  • Mayor Bill McNulty
  • Mayor Linda McPhail
  • Mayor Malcolm Brodie (correct answer)

162. What is the name of the Premier of British Columbia?

  • Premier Adrian Dix
  • Premier Gordon Campbell
  • Premier John Horgan (correct answer)
  • Premier Christy Clark

163. Which political party is in power in British Columbia?

  • New Democratic Party (correct answer)
  • Liberal Party
  • Social Credit Party
  • Green Party

164. Which three natural resources are important to British Columbia’s economy today?

  • Forests, water and grain crops.
  • Forests, fish and water. (correct answer)
  • Fish, oil and water.
  • Coal, water and shipbuilding.

165. Why is British Columbia known as Canada’s Pacific Gateway?

  • Most new imigrants arrive at Vancouver International Airport.
  • British Columbia is the closest province to the Far East.
  • Billions of dollars in trade goods are handled through the Port of Vancouver. (correct answer)
  • British Columbia borders the Pacific Ocean.

166. What is the capital city of Manitoba?

  • Winnipeg (correct answer)
  • Grand Rapids
  • Portage la Prairie
  • Brandon

167. What is the name of the leader of the Opposition in Manitoba?

  • Rana Bokhari
  • James Beddome
  • Wab Kinew (correct answer)
  • Brian Pallister

168. What is the name of the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba?

  • Honourable John Harvard
  • Honourable Peter Liba
  • Honourable Philip Lee
  • Honourable Janice Filmon (correct answer)

169. What is the name of the Premier of Manitoba?

  • Premier Heather Stefanson (correct answer)
  • Premier Greg Selinger
  • Premier Brian Pallister
  • Premier Sterling Lyon

170. What three industries are important to Manitoba’s economy today?

  • Farming, mining and fishing
  • Agriculture, mining and hydro-electric power generation (correct answer)
  • Fishing, tourism and mining
  • Forestry, fishing and energy

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