Question 1 :Name one source of Canadian law.  

  • United States common law
  • Irish common law
  • The military code of France
  • English common law

Question 2:What is “Magna Carta”?

  •   The Great Charter of Freedoms
  •   A map of the world in 1215
  •   The constitution of Ireland
  •   The Great Code of England.

Question 3:The Great Charter of Freedoms was signed in:

  •   France
  •   Canada
  •   Ireland
  •   England

Question 4:When was the Magna Carta signed?

  •   1615
  •   1425
  •   1215
  •   1649

Question 5:What does the Great Charter of Freedom include?

  •  Freedom of conscience and religion
  •   Employment rights
  •   Aboriginal Peoples’ rights
  •   Freedom from taxes

Question 6:What is “Habeas corpus”?

  • The right to challenge unlawful detention by the state
  •   The right to live and work anywhere in Canada
  •   The right to speak freely
  •   The right for peaceful assembly

Question 7:When was the Constitution of Canada amended to include the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

  •   1902
  •   1982
  •   1859
  •   1949

Question 8:Who proclaimed the amended Constitution of Canada in 1982?

  •   The Prime Minister
  •   The Senate
  •   Queen Elizabeth II
  •   The people of Canada

Question 9:What are the two principles upon which Canada is founded?

  •   The supremacy of God and freedom of speech
  •   The supremacy of God and the rule of law
  •   Mobility right and the rule of law
  •   The supremacy of law and the rule of God

Question 10:With which words does the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms begin?

  •   “Canada is a free country and home of the braves”
  •   “Oh Canada! Our home and native land!”
  •   “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”
  •   “Canadian citizens have rights and responsibilities”

Question 11:What are “mobility rights”?

  •   Canadians have freedom of speech
  •   Canadians can enter and leave the country freely, and apply for a passport
  •   Canadians can live and work anywhere they choose in Canada, enter/leave the country freely, and apply for a passport
  •   Canadians can live and work anywhere they choose in Canada, and enter/leave the country freely

Question 12:Who can enter and leave the country freely without time constraints?

  •  Canadian citizens
  •   Canadian citizens and landed immigrants
  •   British citizens
  •   Commonwealth citizens

Question 13:Which three rights are included in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

  •   Mobility rights, Aboriginal Peoples’ rights, and official language rights
  •   Freedom of expression rights, property rights and fair trial rights
  •   Employment rights, mobility rights, and freedom rights
  •   Aboriginal Peoples’ rights, voting rights and official language rights

Question 14:French and English do not have equal status in Parliament and throughout the government

  •   True
  •   False

Question 15:Canadians work hard to respect:

  •   Marxism
  •   Individualism
  •   Capitalism
  •   Pluralism

Question 16:What is a fundamental characteristic of the Canadian heritage and identity?

  •  Hockey
  •   Maple Syrup
  •   Multiculturalism
  •   Habeas Corpus

Question 17:What are three responsibilities of Canadian citizenship?

  •   Being loyal to Canada, recycling all waste, and serving in the Canadian Forces.
  •   Obeying the law, taking responsibility for oneself and one’s family, and serving on a jury
  •   Learning both official languages, voting in elections, and belonging to a union
  •   Buying Canadian products, owning your own house, and using less water

Question 18:When called to do so, serving on a jury is:

  •   A legal requirement
  •   An option

Question 19:There is no compulsory military service in Canada

  •   True
  •   False

Question 20:What is a noble way to contribute to Canada and an excellent career choice?

  •   Learn both official languages
  •   Serve on a jury
  •   Belong to a union
  •   Serve in the regular Canadian Forces

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