• Sources of Canadian Law = laws passed by Parliament and the provincial legislatures, English common law, the civil code of France and the unwritten constitution that we have inherited from Great Britain
  • Combined all above = Magna Carta / Great Charter of Freedoms (1215 AD)
  • Habeas corpus = Right to challenge unlawful detention by the state (English Common Law)
  • Constitution of Canada amended to include Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982)
  • Fundamental freedoms + Additional rights
  • Mobility rights, Aboriginal People’s Rights, Official Language Rights and Minority Language Educational Rights, Multiculturalism
  • Responsibilities = Obeying the law, taking responsibility for oneself and one’s family, serving on jury, Voting, Volunteering, Protecting/Enjoying heritage and environment
  • Defending Canada = foreces.ca / cadets.ca for young people

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