• Do not wear perfumes!
  • People get summoned for interview in an alphabetical ascending order. So if your surname starts with Z, expect a long wait…
  • Try and answer the questions, if possible, in Yes/No format.
  • Do not show any impatience with Biographical questions like your date of birth, address, etc. It is a simple technique to ascertain whether the person attending the interview is the person who he/she claims to be.
  • Do not expect completely private settings, sometimes interview happens in the waiting area
  • Don’t try and crack jokes, unless you are absolutely sure! Just to be on the safer side…
  • Take employment related documents such as pay stubs in addition to what you submitted as copies with the application. Just to be on the safer side…
  • Translate passport stamps if the language is not English or French to be on the safer side. About $7 per copy. Just to be on the safer side…
  • Take all your passports, even those before the period under consideration. Just to be on the safer side…

My experience was rather pleasant, here is composite experience:
Officer: Hello.
Us: Good afternoon
Officer: Please state your bio info
Us: Provided Bio info correctly
Officer: Please provide your ids one by one. Passport, PRC, Additional Ids, Proof of language proficiency
Us: Handed them over
Officer: Announces our test scores
Us: Very pleased with ourselves
Officer: Starts checking our Physical presence, mumbles, and compares what is in the passport with their records.
Us: We had 50 to 90 days of buffer, not concerned at all
Officer: Body language indicated the interview is near the end
Us: Now fully relaxed
Officer: Asks us whether we plan to continue to live in Canada
Us: Affirmative
Officer: Finally some small talk, Says the previous interviewee wore too much perfume and the interview had to be postponed to a later point in the day. Hands back all our documents.
Us: Express our concurrence
Office: Hands out a paper to me and asks me to verify bio info
Me: Tried some humor “Can double check with my passport?”
Officer: Don’t you know your own name?
Me(thought): Bummer! Spouse, out loud: “If it was an attempted joke, it failed”
Officer: Everything looks OK! We will let you know the decision in 2 to 3 weeks
Us: thank you!

Status was changed to DM the following day, we received the oath invite in three weeks, the oath was taken after about six weeks! Hope this helps…

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