First and foremost, ensure you are eligible. Also, take your time to review all the documents you were given when you were declared a permanent Canadian resident. Finally, make sure you make an application for a new permanent residency card if your previous one is outdated to ensure your citizenship eligibility is intact.

And because the official Canadian citizenship test is never a simple nor straightforward exam, most applicants are always on the lookout for the best ways to boost their chances of passing this exam. One of the proven ways permanent Canadian residents can excel in this exam is by going through materials such as Discover Canada. If you were not aware, this is a highly extensive and valuable study guide that contains information on the Canadian justice system, government, the history of Canadians, and important symbols in Canada, among others. Simply put, this course will equip you with all the vital information you need to excel in your citizenship test, leaving you on the road to becoming a true Canadian citizen!

Another great way to enhance your probability of excelling in the citizenship Canadian exam is by taking the Canadian Citizenship Practice Test or exams. By sitting for the rehearsal or practice exams, you can effectively gauge your understanding and knowledge about Canada. Even though these practice questions might not be the real questions, they are a great way to review and recall whatever you read.

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